Covid Update
The Covid Pandemic has had a serious effect on the viability of our business. We have had to open new income streams which have meant that we have had to suspend Personal 1-2-1 tuition for the foreseeable future.
I will still honour all existing bookings and vouchers though.
Regards, Graham Clarke - January 2021

Personalised 1-2-1 tuition with Knifemaker & Bladesmith Graham Clarke is only available if you are over 18, have your own knifemaking facility and have sucessfully made 5-10 knives. 

Personalised Tuition is not for those wishing to make a 1-off knife but is for those wanting to improve the skills they already have.

Over 1 or 2 days you can learn and develop your skills and pick up those tips, tricks and short-cuts that will take you to the next level of Knife Making and/or Bladesmithing.

They can be consecutive or ad hoc days (Tuesdays – Fridays only) to suit your diary.
Please contact us to arrange a date for your tuition.
Use the form below or
Once we have agreed on a date, we will send you a link to pay your deposit and reserve your place.
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