VlakVark is a forge where three generations of the Clarke family fuel and share their passion for bladesmithing. 

As a young Essex boy, forge founder Graham Clarke, was introduced to metal by his own Grandfather when he showed Graham how to re-harden the tip of a screwdriver using a paraffin blow lamp and old motor car engine oil. 

Graham's curiosity in the fabrication of materials grew and he qualified as a metallurgist. After working on the manufacture of guns, shells, tanks and rockets for the British Armed Forces, diamond drilling bits for the oil industry and processing equipment for nuclear fuels, Graham decided to relocate to South Africa. 

South Africa is home to many of the world's greatest knife makers and during his 34 years living there, Graham was able to work with quite a few of them. 

"Although I haven’t been a knife maker all my life I have long been associated with knives & knife making and I had the privilege of learning from some of the best bladesmiths in the world when I lived in South Africa. I have spent time developing my craft and love forging knives and axes. In 2017, I decided it was time to return home to the UK to pass my love of forging metal on to my son and Grandson, and to share the experience of this timeless tradition with more people through the Vlakvark Forge bladesmithing school."
- Graham Clarke, Founder VlakVark Forge

Since establishing VlakVark (which is Afrikaans for Warthog) the three generations of the Clarke family have taught many people the art of bladesmithing, creating memories and smiles along the way.

If you want an unforgettable experience book your bladesmithing course at VlakVark today. 
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