Further to Government announcements on 22nd February, 2021 we are pleased to confirm we will be re-opening Vlakvark Forge for 1 Day, Weekend and Axe Making Experiences from Saturday, 17th April.
We are limiting the number of attendees to 6 for the time being as this allows for good social distancing within the forge. We will have doors and windows open as required for good ventilation so perhaps wear a few layers when you come if the weather doesn’t look so good.
If you have an unused Gift Voucher or have had your day with us postponed then to book your place with us please click on "Redeem a Voucher" on the home page and simply follow the directions.

We have two options for you... a 1 day course, or a 2 day - weekend - experience! 

In both courses you will come away with a knife you have made yourself, over the two day course you will also get to add a handle to make your knife extra sexy!

On the One Day Experience, you will make your own simple knife.

At the end of the Weekend Experience you will have made your simple knife, created and attached a handle and produced a hand-sewn leather sheath.
(The one day course is suitable for 10 year olds accompanied by an adult, the two day course is for 13 years and over only.) 
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